Your 360° Good Side

Photo credit: Fay Carey 

A few years ago, I connected with an amazing photographer at a creative meet up. Her name is Fay, and for some beautiful reason unknown to me other than her just being a lovely human, she did a self love shoot for me at Muriwai Beach. She said that I could wear whatever I felt comfortable in, and I chose some lingerie that I felt really feminine and empowered in. Now, I'd never usually wear anything like this as I'm a real creature of comfort (too much info?!), but at the time, with Fay and that gorgeous golden hour we all adore, I felt SEXY.

This feeling took a while to be coaxed out of me, however. It was one of the first times I was ever in front of the camera rather than behind it, and I felt vulnerable in nothing but my underwear. Fay was at the time and still is, the kind of person who radiates this cool and charismatic energy. That evening, she was my photographer AND my cheerleader. 

Give yourself a hug.

This is something I now say to people I'm photographing - mostly for one of my 'Uniquely You' shoots. These shoots are a chance to show yourself kindness, and to let me take part in celebrating the amazing and unique person you are. This is what Fay did for me, and it was probably one of the defining moments in the growth of my love for these kinds of shoots, too. I remember standing vulnerably but somewhat calm in the sand dunes, the Summer sun dipping away and highlighting my face. I hadn't learnt how to hold my arms or how to position my body, so I kind of just stood there a little uncertain and telepathically trying to ask Fay 'WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO?!' 'Give yourself a hug', she instructed. I thought, what a funny thing to tell me to do. How does one even hug themselves? I crossed my arms over my chest and rested my hands on my arms gently. It wasn't a full-on hug, but it was enough. I relaxed, feeling a rush of love for myself flow through my body. 

As the shoot went on, I felt more and more confident and excited about the idea that I too, could help people feel wonderful through photoshoots like this. I did, however, feel moments of self doubt creep in every now and then, with one of my biggest insecurities being the right side of my face in photos. I'm sure this is super common, because I hear it from my clients all the time - 'Oh, make sure you get my good side', as they expertly flip around to showcase the best angle of their face. But what did Fay say to me that I am so thankful to carry with me to say to my clients?...

"Girl, you have a 360 ° good side!"